Diet coke hunk andrew coope

Geyer said in early March that Diet Coke cans will be rebranded to celebrate the year milestone, as part of a year-long marketing campaign. Take a look at our gallery to see the pictures of all the Diet Coke hunks and watch all the videos below… Is it It was the job that everybody wanted.

It's been a great thing. I think we need to see it one more time.

Diet coke hunk is back in 2013, this time it's a shirtless guy mowing the lawn

We have tried to make sure it is not the past but a very contemporary execution. Right place, right time.

What does your wife think of the ad? One of my colleagues on The Royals is Alexandra Park who is type 1 diabetic but loves green juice.

The year-old was seen stripping off his shirt after being soaked with a can of the fizzy drink - much to the delight of a watching group of women.

Their new hunk was the star guest - and he looked FINE. Are you even listening to me? A voyeur consideration ad that put diet soda on a what a man map. I have a balanced diet and a green juice a day and an almond milk based protein smoothie a day, and personally I have never felt better!

Juice them one by one in the order they are listed and serve chilled or enjoy over ice. Yep, he's married to a gorgeous blonde called Jane and they have two children and a nice big house in Cheshire. What else? But it is the brand's 30th anniversary in Europe, and to celebrate, they have treated their female fans, making a return to the tradition of featuring an incredibly attractive male in their campaigns.

Diet Coke hunk Andrew Cooper launches a new cookbook called Juiceman

And now to celebrate the soft drink's 30th anniversary, there's a new ripped hunk making women swoon. Or for you? More on: Almost 20 years later, diet coke has updated the ad with a sexy, new hunk.

Launched to mark the brand's 30th birthday, the new campaign will also see the return of fellow topless hunk, Robert Merrill. I'm just happy to be part of it. Ah, go on then So, I take everything as it comes. Cooper's character strips off after being soaked with frothed up Diet Coke The latest version of the iconic advertising campaign stars hunky British model, Andrew Cooper, as a gardener who gets into a spot of bother with a shaken up can of Diet Coke.

Soaking wet, the hunk is forced to remove his shirt revealing a perfect six pack in the process That's more like it! In his role as the gardener, Andrew picks up a can of Diet Coke rolled down the hill towards him Oops!

The launch of the high-profile campaign to support Diet Coke, which is positioned as a healthy no-calorie option, comes weeks after parent firm Coca-Cola launched a two-minute ad in the US in its first direct push to tackle the issue of obesity.

Lucky vanous, that is. Hello, andrew. Got milk? Rocky Morton said, "With this commercial we set out to put the Diet Coke Break back on the map - an iconic film that celebrates the confident playfulness of modern woman.

The company introduced the Diet Coke break man to its advertising in — featuring female office workers catching shirtless construction worker Lucky Vanous taking an The father-of-two has a host of fans ranging from his two young children, daughter Taylor, 7, and a son, Jackson, 5 to celebrities such as Liz Hurley and Helena Christiansen.

What's this?tablet; Diet coke hunk is back inthis time it's a shirtless guy mowing the lawn. IT'S been 15 years since the last diet coke guy got his shirt off and made women swoon.

Andrew Cooper: s-pec-tacular. Diet Coke Model Andrew Cooper stars in a new Diet Coke "hunk" ad, almost 20 years after the soda brand aired its now-legendary Author: Jim Edwards. Blue-eyed British, Andrew Cooper, is the newest ‘Diet Coke’ hunk.

With his ripped abs and chiselled features, Cooper is in the new ‘Diet. With his ripped abs and. The long awaited return of the iconic Diet Coke Hunk, is set to become one of the most talked about advertising campaigns of the year.

Facebook fans will be amongst the first to catch a glimpse of the full advert, at the legendary time of am today (Monday 28th January). – Andrew Cooper joins the hunk ranks as a sexy gardener • To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email [email protected] or phone Author: Mark Sweney.

· If the Diet Coke adverts featuring a sexy and shirtless Andrew Cooper covered in the soft drink aren't enough, check out the behind-the-scenes clip of Author: Digital Spy.

Diet coke hunk andrew coope
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